The Salvation Army bell ringers really get on my nerves.  They suffer from the same problems as public radio.  When public radio has a fund raising drive, everyone suffers.  People who give money to the station suffer just as much as people who don’t give money to the station.  I’d be more likely to give money to the station if it would make the fund raisers go away.  But, no.  It doesn’t matter if I give money to the station on the first day of the pledge drive, the last day of the pledge drive, or not at all.  The fund raisers will continue to interrupt my favorite radio programs with their inane chatter regardless of my actions.  Salvation Army bell ringers suffer from the same disconnect between the actions of those who donate money and the ringing of the bell.  If I could make bell ringers stop their ceaseless ringing by putting money in their kettles, I’d be more than happy to do so.  However, giving money doesn’t stop the ringing any more than walking by the bell ringers everytime without giving any money away.f you’re an X-Men fan, issue 150 of the New X-Men is an instant classic.  Powerful story, excellent artwork, this book has it all.  Unfortunately, the sister book, The Uncanny X-Men, seems to be lost in the wilderness.  A less than compelling story arc, reasonably unpleasant artwork, characters that are neither here nor there.  That book would do itself a favor to dump Archangel already and bring back Longshot or Gambit.