Sarah and I were wondering about what, exactly, a canola is and how does one get oil from it.  As it turns out, there is no such thing as a canola. Instead, canola oil is derived from the rapeseed plant which is native to Western Canada.  Those smart marketing folks decided that selling something named "rape oil" on supermarket shelves was going to be something of a nifty trick, so canola oil (can from Canadian and ola for oil) was born.  I learn something almost every other day.

When Sarah and I lived in California, we obviously had no need of a snow shovel, so we never bought one.  When we moved to Wisconsin last year, we didn’t buy a snow shovel because the house we were renting came equipped with one.  Now that own our own house, it seemed like the right time to buy a snow shovel, but we just never quite got around to it.  Last night, finally, we bought not just one, but two snow shovels.  Now I can stop feeling guilty.  I kept worrying that we would get two or three inches of snow and there wouldn’t be a snow shovel to be had within the city limits for love or money.  You’d think we’d never seen snow before going into December without a snow shovel in the house.