It’s obviously been a while since I wrote anything in this space.  Sarah and haven’t been that busy over the last few weeks.  However, I just never quite got around to putting anything down in digital ink.

There is now an RSS feed available for those interested in following in their newsreader/blog-reader of choice.  Simply point your RSS feed reader towards /feed.  This feed is somewhat experimental at this point, though it does work with the RSS readers I’ve tried.  This took me some time to generate since I don’t maintain my weblog in any of the standard weblog systems.  So, I can’t simply point and click like most people.  Instead, I had to kludge something together in perl that produces the feed from the HTML source of the site.  Ugly, but effective for the moment.

After something like sixteen hours of repairs and adjustments, the bikes we bought at the Madison Police Auction are on the road.  Both bikes have new, fat tires.  Sarah’s brakes didn’t work all that well, so we replaced her front brake pads with some Kool Stop brake pads and all seems well now.  Her front derailleur doesn’t quite work as well as I might like, so fixing that is the next project.  That might be fixed by replacing the cable and if that doesn’t work, we’ll look at the shifter on the handlebars.  Once I got a part from the bike shop to replace the missing part on my bike, I was able to get my bike on the road.  My bike is currently riding on some reasonably aggressive, wide mountain bike tires.  As such, the bike is somewhat hard to get around due to the high amount of rolling resistance created by the tires.  I’m waiting for some snow to see how much the tires help to keep me upright.  If the tires aren’t spectacular, they’re coming off and will be replaced with some less aggressive tires that are currently sitting in the basement.

Sarah, Dalla, and I made the trip to South Dakota over Thanksgiving.  The drives there and back were generally uneventful.  After nine hours in the car each way, I was more than happy to declare today a "Car-Free Day."A sixteen-gauge shotgun, a .22 rifle, and a BB gun made the trip from South Dakota to Wisconsin with us.  Once we got home, Sarah said, "It’s amazing how quickly a house can go from no firearms, to multiple firearms."For those interested parties, Kris is not dead.  Not only did we spot him in Watertown, but we ate and drank with him as well.  We also saw Kris’ brothers, and a pair of the Holien brothers during our brief stay.

If the Vikings continue to play as badly as they have been, don’t be surprised to see them out of the playoffs when the year ends.  A good high school team could beat them at times.  Unfortunately, Sunday was one of those times.

Some of today’s entries might be incoherent.  Might?  Should be incoherent if my general inability to drive the keyboard is any indication of my ability to string thoughts together.  It’s late and time for me to go to bed.

On my way into work today, I biked past a "Clark 04" yard sign.  That got me thinking about how many Democrats think Clark is their best chance to win in 2004 because he has credibility on national security and military issues.  What, exactly, does that mean?  Who doesn’t have credibility on those issues?  How does one get credibility on those issues?  Clearly, GW Bush had no more credibility on those issues in 2000 than Al Gore did.  I’d even go so far as to say that GW doesn’t have any more credibility on those issues today than he did in 2000.  The US hasn’t suffered a new terrorist attack since 2001 more due to luck than due to any of GeeDubya’s initiatives.  The USA PATRIOT Act has snared more money launderer’s, strip club operators ("In the urgent push to pass the Patriot Act, she says, ‘never… did the FBI say we needed additional tools to keep this nation safe from strip-club operators.’"), and other forms of garden variety criminals than terrorists under the Bush Administration.  Bush and his administration have all acknowledged at one time or another that there is no link between the war on Iraq and terrorism.  So, how does one gain or lose credibility on national security issues?  Does one have to vocally advocate for an armed overthrow of the government by a hostile, foreign invader?  Why doesn’t Dean or Kerry have as much national security credibility as Bush?  Clinton certainly didn’t have any, according to conventional wisdom, when he ran against GeeDubya’s father and he still won two terms in office.  GeeDubya, the draft dodger, certainly didn’t have any, again according to conventional wisdom, when he was elected.  Why should I care about Wesley Clark or any other Democratic candidate possessing or lacking national security credibility?

When Guster’s new album, "Keep It Together," came out this year, I was initially unimpressed with it.  The band seemed to be incorporating more garden variety drum kits and whatnot, and moving away from its acoustic origins.  However, even though some of the songs on the album are poppy dreck, several really stand out.  The title track, in particular, is a haunting number that is always ready to jam itself into all the nooks and crannies of my brain, making it hard to eradicate.