When we lived in California, we bought Halloween candy as though we expected the 3rd Division to drop by for a bit of trick or treating and we still ran out of candy.  Last year, we bought nine bags of candy, and got two trick-or-treaters.  This year, we bought five bags of candy and got eight trick-or-treaters.  Next year, we’re buying two bags of candy (one kind that Sarah likes and one kind that I like) and giving up on people stopping by with their kids to trick-or-treat.

It’s hard for me to take serious any sort of exclamation about how the US "cannot afford <insert project or item here>."  When the government spends $87 billion in Iraq, and I see that we could build a solar power satellite to provide constant, clean, renewable energy to the US for $200 billion, I automatically think, "Well, heck.  If we had that $87 billion that we’re wasting in Iraq, we’d be almost half-way there."  People talk about reforming our schools for $10 billion and I think, "We could do that eight times over if we just had that $87 billion that we’re dumping into the Iraqi sands."  Our nation’s bridges are falling down and it will take billions of dollars to fix them?  "Gosh, we’d have it licked if we just had that $87 billion that we’re giving to Halliburton, Bechtel, and the like in Iraq."We got two consecutive days of rain, starting on Sunday.  Today was supposed to be a third day of rain, but instead we’re getting mostly cloudy with periodic rain sprinkles.  I had to climb up on a ladder on Sunday to clean out two of the downspouts on our house.  The birch tree in our front yard was kind enough to clog both with leaves and whatnot.  Next spring I’m going to install screens over the gutters so I don’t have to clean out the gutters or downspouts again.  It’s not a terrible job, but one that seems somewhat easy to prevent.  Sarah and I put some shelves up in the basement this weekend, as well as numerous hooks andhangers to get more of our "stuff" off the basement floor.