The Vikings lose, Elliot Smith commits suicide, and George Bush is still President.  Tough week.

Dumbest argument I’ve heard in the debate surrounding Wisconsin’s concealed carry law.  Republicans want to make the records of who has a concealed carry permit closed to the public.  Their reasoning?  Burglers will request a list of concealed carry permit holders from the local governmental authority.  The burglers will then know whose house not to rob.  Moronic fallacies of this argument?1. Burglers most likely do not spend much time requesting public records from governmental authorities.

  1. I could legally possess seven thousand shotguns in my house without a concealed carry permit. Of course, the "burglers will rob your house if you don’t have a concealed weapon" argument is so much cowshit designed to create fear in a generally unthinking, soundbite-addicted public.

When will people realize that a major part of conservative Republican politics is built on creating fear in the public at large?  We fear getting robbed walking the (safe) Wisconsin streets so we need a concealed weapon.  We fear that cities will raise taxes incredibly high so we need a state ban on tax increases.  We fear that terrorists might strike at our house so we need the USA PATRIOT Act.  We fear running out of oil for our gas guzzling cars so we need to drill in ANWR.  We fear not being able to watch TV at night because of a blackout so power plants have to be built (and without those pesky environmental restrictions).  If people would simply examine how many of the arguments used by conservative Republicans are specifically crafted to create fear of something in the general public, people would turn their backs on conservative Republicans because they would realize they have been used to advance a political and economic agenda that really wasn’t in theirbest interests.