Last night we saw Guster at one of the local live music venues.  The show was good, but probably not as good as when we saw them at the Fillmore in San Francisco.  Both Sarah and I are a bit wary about the fact that the percussionist plays a standard drum kit on the new album.  The fact that the band has a percussionist who plays bongos, cymbals, snares, and whatnot with his hands and feet is part of the band’s charm.  If the percussionist turns into a (standard drumkit) dummer, the band is essentially two guys with guitars and a guy on drums.  Whoopee.

The (Republican controlled) Wisconsin Legislature continues its drive to ramrod a concealed weapons law in Wisconsin.  The fear-monger from Eau Claire that is pushing the bill said yesterday that "criminals are everywhere."  My first thought was, "Would that include government, including the current federal administration?"Our mild weather came to an end yesterday.  We had a beautiful weekend followed by a gorgeous Monday.  The weather on Monday was so nice that we went for a walk after 22:00 and the temperature was still above seventy degrees.  Now we are looking at a forecast that calls for rain and high temperatures in the forties on Sunday.  Oh well, all that wonderful weather had to end sometime.