This weekend we worked hard on our house again.  We put up curtains in the bathroom, did some sanding, painting, and staining in the living room, painted a mirror frame and put up the mirror, taped, stained, and pained the ceiling and skylight well in the dining room, did laundry, and cleaned out the gutters and the downspouts.  I’m looking forward to winter when I can take a weekend off.

Sarah’s message to her father after the Wisconsin/Ohio State game on Sunday night:  "Go Badgers!"My message to Sarah’s father:  "Don’t bother asking her about any part of the game after the first quarter because she was sleeping."  ;-)Tonight I’m going to see Paul Krugman speak at a local bookstore.  Having read his column in the New York Times, I’m interested to see him in person.

Sarah got us season tickets to Badgers Mens Hockey again this year.  Last year we bought one of the two season ticket packages.  This year we bought them both.  That means we can see hockey on both Friday and Saturday night some weekends.

Curling season is rapidly approaching.  My first match is November 6th.

You can imagine my joy as I watched the Packers lose to the Chiefs last weekend.  Heh, heh, heh.