We had a fire in our fireplace for the first time this weekend.  Before doing that, of course, we had to repair the firebox and remove some extraneous hardware from the fireplace, but once that work was done, it was nice to have a fire.  The only downside to our fireplace is that the ash pit clean-out door is in the basement, and when we have a fire, we get a campfire smell in the basement via the ash pit door.

Why does our dishwasher have a "Low-Energy" cycle?  Who doesn’t use the low-energy cycle on their dishwasher?  In my whole life, I’ve never chosen any cycle on a dishwasher other than low-energy.  If "Low-Energy" gets the job done, why do I need all the other cycles?  Why not relabel the dishwasher’s "Low-Energy" button "Wash" or "Regular" and make the "Regular" button "Waste Energy"?  Then, we can start relabing the other buttons.  "Power Dry" could become "Enrich Local Utility".  "Pots and Pans" could become "Shameful Waste of Energy and Water"  "Rinse Hold" could become "Button of Mysterious Purpose".> "Life rolls on in George W. Bush’s America, forcing us to invent a new word – greeed, with three E’s in the middle – to cover cases like that of Richard A. Grasso, who recently resigned as chairman and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange."Now is the time to jump on the 4-0 Minnesota Vikings bandwagon.  You’ll want to get on board before it gets too crowded later in the season.