Our wedding weekend seems to have been a success.  Everyone claims to have had a good time, and we certainly did as well.  Of course, we got married, too, which is the whole point of the affair.  That seems to get lost in the noise sometimes, but for us it was the reson d’etre.  We’ve gotten a few pictures back, but are still waiting for the pictures from the photographer.

Mike, some of the pictures you took are classics.  Your thank you gift is in the mail.  You’ll know it when you see it.

We got holes cut in our ceiling and walls today.  We had people over to cut holes in the ceiling so that we could actually see the skylights we had installed in the roof a month ago.  We also got the windows in our house, which were only windows in the barest sense of the word, replaced with custom-built vinyl replacement windows.  What a difference double-paned glass and functional screens make.

Molly Ivins:  political columnist and a damned fine writer.  She doesn’t even have to write whole articles to get her point across sometimes.  Sometimes just a sentence or two is just as effective:- "In 1999, EPA’s director tried a novel approach: enforcing the law."

  • "Of course, John ‘Lost to a Dead Guy’ Ashcroft is too busy to check it out because he’s now out on a ‘charm offensive’ to convince us all that the USA Patriot Act is good for us. I always think of Ashcroft and charm in the same sentence. Sex, too."
  • "The administration is now in The Full Ostrich on Iraq…"
  • "Uh, that would sound better if he hadn’t just informed us that he is borrowing another $87 billion, on top of the $79 billion we have already spent, to continue this famously successful policy that has no flaws and does not need to be changed."
  • "All this right-wing propaganda about how the government is The Enemy, the government needs to be strangled, needs to be starved, needs to be hocked off, as though schools and hospitals were horrible things – it’s all nuts."
  • "I am tired of being asked to swallow lies by this administration. For $87 billion bucks, the least we deserve is some candor."
  • "And why do we have such dumb, damaging, self-destructive energy policies? Do you think it has anything to do with corporate campaign contributions? Do you think it has any connection to the fact that Dick Cheney wrote the National Energy Plan?"
  • "The incompetence of the INS was underlined when it issued a visa to Mohammad Atta, the lead hijacker, six months after 9/11. In the wake of the attacks, the Bush administration promised to increase funding for the INS, to get the agency fully computerized with modern computers and generally up to speed. All that has happened since is that INS funding has been cut." John Ashcroft is touring the nation, reminding us all why he lost an election to a dead man, and why we all should be afraid, very afraid of the USA PATRIOT Act.  Supposedly, the Act was ramrodded through Congress to fight terrorism in the United States.  And yet, when Ashcroft gives his little speech to law-enforcement groups (strangely enough, he never gives his speech to an open audience.  He only gives his speed to law-enforcement groups or carefully selected and screened citizens.  What is he afraid of?  If the PATRIOT Act is such a great thing, shouldn’t it be able to withstand criticism; shouldn’t Ashcroft be able to defend it against all comers?), Ashcroft only mentions how the USA PATRIOT Act is affecting how law enforcement affects criminals.  Oh, and there is no way he means "terrorists" when he says "criminals."  He means criminals in the ordinary breaking and entering, burglary, armed robbery, assault sense.

We bought a banana tree over the weekend.  Now we just have to figure out where and how to keep it.