Why is parallel parking a dying art?  People who know how to parallel park consider the task done when their car is fully contained by a parking spot.  People who do not know how to parallel park consider the task done when any part of their car is contained by a parking spot.  I’ve seen guys walk away from their cars, satisfied with their parking skills, while there is over four feet from the curb to their rear tire.  Backing into the spot apparently works too well, so many people tossed that technique in favor of the front-end-in-first technique (which we all know doesn’t work at all).

Wisconsin’s legislature is currently debating a so-called concealed carry law.  There are only six states that forbid citizens from carrying concealed firearms and WI is one of the six.  Moronic proponents of the bill argue that repealing the ban will lower crime.  "Why will it lower crime," the astute observer who has read numerous studies demonstrating that concealed carry laws actually caused crime to increase in many states asks.  "Because criminals won’t know who is carrying guns and who isn’t and they will be less likely to commit crime as a result," say some proponents.  Others claim that having ordinary citizens pull guns during the comission of the crime will stop the crime without having to wait for the police.  Of course, all of this is just so much smoke and mirrors.  If you want to deter criminals from robbing you, wear a hand cannon on your hip in plain sight.  Imagine me, standing there with hundred dollar bills hanging out of my pockets, with a Glock dangling on my hip.  Imagine a concealed carry pusher, with a short-barrel, pistol-grip, 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun in a gym bag and hundred dollars bills sticking out of his pocket.  Imagine someonebound and determined to take someone else’s hundred dollar bills.  The thought process has to be, "Guy with belt-mounted howitzer, or guy with gym bag.  Hmm…

I think it’s going to be guy with gym bag."  If you want to deter crime, wear that piece of hot iron where everyone can see it.  Don’t hide it in your suit jacket or purse.  Proponents of the bill also claim that criminals won’t be able to benefit from the law because they will be denied concealed-carry licenses.  Whee.  Thanks for nothing.  It’s already against the law for felons to possess firearms.  Does anyone honestly think a felon is going to apply for a license to carry a concealed weapon that they aren’t supposed to have in the first place?  Doesn’t it seem logical to assume that felons in possession of firearms would just carry the weapon concealed without a permit anyway?  Oh, and how does one become a criminal?  That’s right, by committing crimes.  So, what’s to keep someone, with no previous criminal record, from committing a crime with their concealed carry permit (that was legally obtained)?  What’s to stop someone who has a concealed carry permit from using the weapon in a crime of passion (which is still a crime, of course)?  Who is against the law?  The Milwaukee County District Attorney (most populous county in the state).  Who is for the law?  A representative from Eau Claire (much smaller town in NW WI; city slogan:  "We’re Always Up to Something Funn"[sic]).  Argument used by schmuck from Eau Claire, "You need to have a concealed firearm to feel safe in the big city."  Argument used by Milwaukee County DA and representatives from various law enforcement bodies, "WI already has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation.  The big city doesn’t want a bunch of trigger-happy yahoos walking around, packing heat, looking for trouble."  We can only hope that sanity prevails and this bill dies on the Governor’s desk.

We’re sitting at home on Sunday night, enjoying some good music on the radio.  The radio station breaks into the show for Bush’s latest national address.  "Good evening. I have asked for this time to keep you informed of America’s actions in the war on terror."  Off went the radio.  He couldn’t even go three sentences before he started to lie.  The war on terrorism essentially ended months ago when we started the "War to Enlarge Administration Egos" in Iraq.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Bush Administration’s "Leave No Child Behind" program has been so poorly funded it has become "Leave Children Standing in Line Behind Halliburton and Bechtel" program.

I had golden raspberries for the first time yesterday.  A woman was selling them at the Farmer’s Market and we bought some.  They taste something like regular raspberries, but sweeter.

It is now obvious that our skylights will not be installed before the wedding.  We need to have the wells cut into the ceiling, and framed.  Then, the electricians have to come out and remove armored cabling that currently runs through the space between the skylight and the ceiling.  Once that is done, the wells can be drywalled  Once all of that is done, Sarah and I can paint the ceilings and install some track lighting.  All of this will not happen after the wedding.  We’re also getting new windows installed after the wedding, which will be a very large improvement on our current windows.

We’ve now had a new roof for the better part of a month.  Still haven’t had rain to test it.  I haven’t mowed the lawn for the better part of eight weeks because the whole thing is brown and dead.  The sado-masochists who like to create work for themselves are easily spotted when I’m out walking Dalla.  Their lawns are green and freshly cut.  Everyone else is cursing the drought but enjoying the lack of lawn mowing in their lives.