Why is it that everything has to have oranges in it these days?  When did we, as a nation, become obsessed with installing a particular citrus fruit into nearly everything we purchase.  Our dishwasher soap has orange in it.  You can buy Comet cleanser with orange in it.  There is a variety of Pledge furniture polish with orange in it.  Orange Plus non-abrasive cleaning towels.  Orangle Glo wood cleanser.  Easy Orange clean products.  Orangle-Sol (a solvent).  All of these products clog the aisles at my local grocery store.  It’s no wonder that plain old orange juice is so expensive.  The vast majority of the orange crop is being used by Americans to dust their coffee tables.  What makes the orange so attractive in cleansers, anyway?  Why not use cheaper, fruits like crab apples?  How about using a larger citrus fruit like a grapefruit?  Why shouldn’t I just wipe down my furniture with a mango, cleanse my toilet by tossing a handful of grapes into it, and dissolve a few oil spots through careful application of banana peels? Are your kids dogs or are your dogs kids?  At the grocery store tonight, I noticed that there are two separate products sold with ten feet of each other that both claim to be Scooby Snacks.  One is a foil bag full of dog treats that has a big picture of Scooby Doo on the front.  The other is a box with a big picture of Scooby Doo on the front.  Are we, as a nation, feeding our dogs too well if they get the same branded treats as our kids? Perhaps the most interesting comment I can make about current news coverage is that the two most interesting and truthful news outlets currently operating in the US today are The Onion and the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Sarah got good news the other day.  She will be employed by the National Park Service for the next year in their Madison office.  This will be a pleasant change from serving as a Zoology TA at the University.  She is really excited about the new job and the benefits and flexibility it will give her.