Sarah and I had another very busy weekend.  We’re on the home stretch to get our wedding invitations out the door.  We also spent numerous hours fixing things around the house, unpacking, and the like. We’ve been debating the best way to fix the completely non-functional windows that currently inhabit the holes in the walls we would like to see inhabited by functional windows.  We’ve gone back and forth several times about whether or not vinyl replacement windows (installed by us) would do the job.  However, this afternoon I finally stripped the trim off a window in our office and discovered that the job is likely far beyond the time and energy that I am willing to invest in the job.  My guess is that each window would require about eighteen hours of labor to install.  The problem is that our current windows don’t actually sit in the center of the framed window hole.  They actually sit one-half inch off center. Also, all the trim is (inconveniently) nailed together while, because of the way the windows were installed, all of the trim has to be removed to make enough space for the vinyl window.  Ugh. So, to do the job correctly would involve removing all the old trim, and the old window components.  After that (or during that, if you had a large enough crew), new trim would have to be fabricated to correct for the goofy one-half inch off center previous glass, wood, and metal tenant.  The new window could then be installed and insulated, followed by the now correct trim.  As you might imagine, replacing even one window would be a nightmare.  Replacing ten is looking like a nightmare on the order of a Republican president and Congress. Friday night after work, we found ourselves visiting the Dane County Humane Society.  A quick perusal of their website during the day told me that we wanted to stop by and check out the dogs awaiting adoption because they seemed to have a larger number than in the past.  We walked up and down the aisles and found several dogs that looked interesting.  However, one dog in particular really caught our eye.  She was a ten-month old Norwegian Elkhound/Labrador Retriever mix that was surrendered to the pound a little over a week ago.  We arranged to meet the dog in one of the humane society’s little meeting rooms.  The humane society was closing very shortly, so we put the dog on hold to think about whether or not we wanted to get a dog right now, and if we wanted to get that dog in particular.  Well, we thought about it, and went back on Saturday with the intention of meeting a couple of other dogs before making a decision.  However, all of the other dogs we wanted to meet were already on hold, and after meeting the Elkhound/Lab mix again, the decision was easy.  We decided to bring her home and make her part of our family.  Fortunately, we’d been anticipating adding a dog to our family for a while so we already had some things like a tie out stake, a leash, a dish, and the like.  Today, we bought her a crate, some dog treats, a collar, a brush, some shampoo, and one or two other canine-care necessities.  The humane society requires prospective owners to make appointments to bring an animal home, so we’re going back on Thursday evening to pick up the newest member of the family.  Now we just have to decide on a name.  Ira doesn’t know it yet but he just got a canine sister. If you haven’t seen Pirates of the Caribbean:   The Curse of the Black Pearl yet, I recommend going to see it if you’re in the mood for light, escapist fare.  As much as I generally disapprove of Disney the corporate entity, this is a reasonably good movie. We went to the video store on Saturday night and rented a movie.  When we got home and pulled the movie out of the case, we had a completely different movie.  Suffice it to say that we did not watch the movie we had.  It was a night for a pair of good books, instead.