Well, we’re somewhat established in our new house, but the work seems never ending, at this point. We finally got all of our stuff out of the house we were renting last weekend.  I rented a U-Haul, and with the help of a co-worker, we got our furniture moved from one place to another.  This week we’ve been busy trying to figure out where all that furniture is going to end up in our house.  Sarah has been systematically washing all the window blinds in the backyard during the day.  We installed new towel rods and rings in the bathroom two nights ago.  Last night, we went to a clinic at Home Depot to see if we want to take a stab at installing vinyl replacement windows ourselves.  At this point, we might pay to have the windows replaced. Many of the windows are poorly installed and/or cracked.  This means that we tend to get more than our fair share of nocturnal visitors from the insect kingdom.  We’ve also got drainage issues to fight at some point, as well as some repairs that need to be done to various other parts of the house.  Even though it has been a headache so far to own a house, I’m sure the long-term benefits will far outweigh this relatively brief struggle. Hopefully, we’ll get the wedding invitations out this weekend.  That somewhat depends on getting our laser printer back in action to tackle the address labels.  The invitations themselves are completed at the printers. I put up some bird feeders in the back yard, but none of them have been big hits with the aviary crowd. One blue jay, a few sparrows, and a persistent squirrel have been my biggest customers so far. Ira seems to enjoy our new house.  He’s been helping out with the weeds that grow between paving stones on our back patio.  He also likes to wander the yard and discover all the tortoise hiding places that the landscaping offers.