Why is it that gasoline gauges in cars and trucks are so inaccurate.  Is there a gasoline gauge made that reads "F" when the tank is full and "E" when the tank is actually empty?  Every gas gauge ever I’ve ever seen reads more than "F" when the tank is full and the tank is never empty when the needle reaches "E".  Auto manufacturers even acknowledge the completely worthless nature of the gas gauge.  Years ago they started installing indicator lights to tell the driver when he or she has less than two or five or seven gallons of gasoline remaining.  If the gauge was accurate to begin with, indicator lights wouldn’t be necessary.  If the indicator lights are accurate, then why can’t the gas gauge be made to read accurately, as well?  If the indicator light is no more accurate than the gas gauge, what good is the indicator light?  My sister Amy flew in to Madison last night.  We’re planning on putting her to work helping us with our new house and our wedding preparations.  Last weekend we installed a new toilet in the bathroom, put in our tomato plants and a few peppers, stripped more of the wall paper from the kitchen, installed new electrical fixtures in the kitchen, new doorstops throughout the house, and various other tasks.  Today, Amy and Sarah taped up the dining room, so we will probably prime the dining room walls tonight.  My parents are coming to town on Friday afternoon to help with the Habitat for Sarah and David project.  Sarah’s parents are coming to town Friday evening to help with the same.  Hopefully, we can get a majority of the painting done this weekend.  That would leave us with some cleaning for next week before our move.  We are also working on getting a roofer and an electrician to come over in the next week or so.  The roof desperately needs to be replaced.  At the same time, we are going to have some skylights installed.  The main electrical panel needs to be replaced, and some work to increase the power capacity in the room we are going to use as a office also needs to be done.  Once the skylights are installed, we’ll have to have new electrical fixtures installed in the kitchen and dining room, as well as having the skylights framed in and some drywall and painting work done.  We are also getting the carpets cleaned next week.  As you might guess, we are busy, busy, busy.