Today is the day we close on our new house.  Sarah and I are both looking forward to having a place of our own, even if it means some extra work in the short-term.  Per UW Credit Union Standard Operating Procedure, it appears that the closing costs we are being charged are wrong.  The credit union is charging us twice for credit reports.  Of course, getting someone at the credit union to actually answer a phone or call us back is something of a Sisyphean challenge.  So, we’ll end up paying the extra thirty dollars in the short term, only to spend hours and hours fighting to get it back from the clutches of the evil, unwashed bank gnomes in the future. Sarah and I saw the Minnesota Twins deliver a brutal spanking to Bud “Chintzy, No Shame, Prevaricating” Selig’s Brewers on Sunday.  As much as I hate the Brewers and their owner, Miller Park itself is pleasant.  We were twenty-five rows from the field but it felt like we were very close to the action.  All the hoo-hah between innings gets quite tiresome after an inning or so.  Bubble Cam.  Kiss Cam.  Sausage Races.  Trivia questions.  Guess the attendance.  Guess which hat has a baseball under it (three-card monty style).  T-shirt toss.  Grounds crew shows.  Etc., etc., etc.  How many times do they need to display the two hot tubs they have beyond the right field fence?  There were 25,000+ people at the game.  Did it really make sense to continually exhort the crowd to explore the hot tubs?  Were 12500 of us going to fit in one tub while the other 12500 crowded into the other?  Do people actually go to Brewers games to sit in a hot tub? You wouldn’t know it from reading the words on the virtual page, but I’m typing this with a new keyboard.  One of the keyboards we have at home died yesterday, so I bought a new IBM keyboard.  Don’t let anyone fool you, there are qualitative differences between keyboards and the IBM keyboards are the best on the market. Sarah made an angel food cake last Friday from scratch.  Wow, what a flavor difference compared to a store-bought angel food cake.  The cake is moister, the flavor is more intense.  When drenched in fresh, ripe local strawberries, the cake is quite a treat. Ironically enough, a friend of mine in Minneapolis closed on his house yesterday.  I asked him over the weekend when he was going to get a dog.  He thought that might happen in late July early August.  That is when we were planning on getting a dog.  Now we have to think up something wacky we can do that my friend and his wife won’t do just before us.