Why is June here so much like April?  Did a presidential fiat banish summer for the non-Republican dominated areas of the country? Interesting book if you ever lived or worked in or near Silicon Valley:  The Nudist on the Late Shift, by Po Bronson.  The narrative is just a shade dated at this point, but the book is still compelling reading. Sarah and I finally made it to the theatre to see The Matrix Reloaded.  We both agreed that the movie was an excellent movie.  I found the action sequences, in many cases, to be boring compared to the overall story.  It was also interesting for us to see the movie because some parts of it were filmed in Alameda while we were still living there.  It was interesting to see what Hollywood can and does do to turn real, everyday locations into fictional locations. Other movies we’ve seen of late: - Bend It Like Beckham - Predictably predictable but enjoyable nonetheless.

  • The Bridge on the River Kwai - Excellent movie, for the most part.  Alec Guinness was fantastic.
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Surprisingly, it held our attention quite well.  The story itself was interesting enough that it almost didn’t need the special effects.
  • X2 - As a devotee of the various X-Men comic books, I set a pretty high bar for this movie to clear before I would admit liking it.  I’m happy to report that the bar was not only cleared, but with several inches to spare.  Now all I can do is hope that this particular movie franchise doesn’t degenerate the way the Batman movies did after the first two installments. So, poor people don’t get the same tax credits as everyone else.  Somebody notices this and starts talking about it in the media.  Suddenly, the Bush administration decides that this was nothing more than an oversight that should be rectified immediately, oh, and could there be an additional plum or two for the rich folks, at the same time.  Nobody talks about trickle-down economics anymore, but the Bush administration is certainly full of faithful followers of the same.  It’s too bad that just a trickle of benefits reaches those who need them most, compared to the flood of tax breaks currently inundating the well-to-do. The flat roof of our current house pleases ducks.  Yesterday morning I went out to get the paper, and on my way back to the house, I noticed a pair of ducks standing on the roof of the house.  Sarah mentioned that she heard them walking around and that it sounded like a very small person trying to walk very quietly on the roof. On my ride home yesterday, I noticed what appeared to be an ad-hoc citizens committee forming to investigate the Madison storm sewer system with two flashlights and a large cardboard box.  Further investigation revealed that all the members of a duckling parade, minus the mother duck, had fallen through a sewer grate.  I offered my assistance (there was plenty of manpower but a distinct lack of organization), but the police officer on the scene informed me that animal control was on the way.  It seemed likely that Animal Control would take this situation well into hand, and that I would be just a bystander, so I pedaled on my way home.