I now understand why John Ashcroft, he of the secret "Sodom and Gomorrah Were Right!" Society, lost an election to a dead man in Missouri before becoming Attorney General of the United States (What was Bush snorting when he made that decision??).  In case you missed it, Ashcroft was in Congress this week pushing for an expansion of the (fascist) USA Patriot Act.  Ashcroft was upset because he isn’t allowed to threaten enough potential terrorists with the death penalty.  You see Ashcroft thinks that people commit terrorist acts against the US because they currently do not face life in prison or the death penalty if they are caught committing certain terrorist acts.  What part of suicide terrorism does Ashcroft not understand?  Does Ashcroft honestly think there are terrorists out there thinking, "I would never dream of being a suicide bomber/pilot/truck driver/etc. if I would face the death penalty at the hands of the US government after committing my act of martyrdom.”?  Memo to Ashcroft:  They are called "martyrs" for a reason, John.  Is he planning on executing the terrorist ashes or putting the bloody, sticky terrorist bits in prison for life?