Tis the season for birds to attack bicyclists in Wisconsin.  Two bicyclists were attacked at different times by a red-tailed hawk last week.  One of the bicyclists sustained a moderately serious neck wound.  As I was riding home yesterday through the University, I rode by a flock of Canadian geese that was grazing on a grassy strip between a catch pond and the road.  There were several goslings mixed in with the adult geese.  As I pedaled closer to the group, one of the adult geese raised its head and started eyeing me.  As I got really close to the flock, the alert goose charged towards me while honking wildly and flapping its wings!  Fortuntely, there were no cars to my left as I swerved wildly to that side while trying to avoid being battered by an angry goose. The loan officer with whom we have been "working" at the UW Credit Union seems to have an incredibly powerful case of CDD (Competancy Deficit Disorder).  She is so incompetant, she can’t even lie convincingly.  The reason I used quotes around the word working at the start of this paragraph is that we don’t so much work with her, as lead her around by the nose.  How anyone could become a loan officer at a bank or credit union without even a basic grasp of time, customer service principles, or the English language is beyond my power to understand.