As we discussed the supposedly big news that Tariq Aziz had been captured in Iraq, Sarah said, "That’s like capturing Ari Fleischer." I hadn't thought about it, but she was right.  Tariq and Ari both are members of Mouthpieces of Evil, Local 775 but do they have any real value as political prisoners? If you missed it, Chritine Todd Whitman has EPA enforcement agents driving her around.  It seems that the EPA (read: Whitman) feels thereis a better than average chance that terrorists will strike at the heart of imperialist America by killing the woman charged with pretending to enforce environmental laws by the Bush administration.  Of course, Whitman has had the enforcement agents (who make over $100K per year) performing other tasks than just driving her around.  Agents have been sent to restaurants to sit at a table and hold her reservation until she arrives.  Agents have been charged with returning her husband’s rental cars.  These are the same agents who are supposed to be investigating environmental crimes.  So, not only does Whitman make herself feel important by wasting the time of these agents, but she also reduces the amount of time that agents can be investigating environmental criminals (read: Bush administration supporters like oil companies, power generation facilities, and the like). We had gorgeous weather this weekend with sunny skies, temperatures in the low seventies and gentle breezes.  We managed to complete great deal of work this weekend around the house, but we still managed to work in time for a nice like bicycle ride today and a chili cook-off yesterday.