We’re pretty much ready for our upcoming trip to Brazil.  The passports stamped with visas came back from the consulate last week.  We got a stack of Brazilian money.  Our tortoise and plant care plans are finalized.  Now we just have to pack and get ourselves to the airport this week.  Considering that the weather there has consistently been in the 80’s and 90’s, Rio will be a nice change of scenery. It’s not clear to me where people get the time to watch television.  For instance, I curled on Thursday night, went to a concert on Friday night, had dinner with acquaintances and attended a hockey game on Saturday night, curled again on Sunday night, and am attending a lecture tonight.  Tomorrow night I’ll clean part of the house.  Wednesday night I’ll pack for our trip.  Thursday evening I’m having dinner at the curling club and curling afterward.  Sarah is at least as busy with school.  People say to us, Did you see blah-television-show last night? and the answer is always No, we were too busy doing something else.  I haven’t even found time to watch a half-hour episode ofthe Simpsons that I taped the Sunday before last.  I don’t understand where people get the time to invest an hour or more every night in television. The biggest used book sale in Wisconsin was held last week on the UW-Madison campus.  Despite the fact that used books in Wisconsin are overpriced compared to used books in California (especially if one considers cost-of-living), and that this (yearly) used book sale was dwarfed by the (twice yearly) Friends of the Alameda Library Used book sale, we picked up a couple of volumes to add to our collection.  The one I’m reading now, The Ultra Secret is reasonably informative andentertaining.  The author is clearly in love with himself, but the bookdoes bring a British perspective to WWII history.  The book’s primary focus is the Allies’ ability to decrypt the German’s high-level communications and how that affected the war effort.