I am sooo tired of hearing about the Iraq "crisis" in the media.  There is an Iraq crisis but it is not the one about which the media is reporting and it is not the one about which Colin Powell spoke at the UN.  The only people who truly believe that there is an "Iraq crisis" related to Iraqi disarmament is the Bush administration and the sycophantic bootlickers who blindly support them.  Everyone else thinks that the only current Iraq "crisis" is the failure of the US government and other governments around the world to halt the seemingly inevitable drive towards testosterone-driven, imperialistic, Texas six-gun-slingin', hypocritical, unnecessary war.  If Saddam Hussein was as difficult to catch as bin Laden and if Hussein wasn’t sitting on billions of gallons of oil, does anyone truly believe we’d be preparing to fight a war to go after him?  Hussein just happens to be relatively easy to find, burdened with a wealth of petroleum, and lacking in international allies who happen to be important US trading partners.  It’s all so unbelievably stupid I can’t even read about the "Iraq crisis" in the newspaper any more without letting go of a very big sigh of frustration.