Sarah and I went ice skating for an hour or so on Saturday afternoon.  The temperature was pleasant (for January), a light snow was falling, and the ice skating rink was not very crowded.  Sarah is a much better skater than I am, but using hockey skates, instead of figure skates, has significantly reduced the wear and tear on my body.  When I used figure skates, I spent most of my time in one of two states: 1. lying prone on the ice;

  1. establishing the fact that gravity is still an active force in our world, immediately followed by a resumption of state number one. I can’t even look at Doritos any more without being reminded of The Onion headline:  "Doritos adds one millionth ingredient." New gear added to my winter bicycling arsenal:  ski goggles.  This morning I wore ski goggles, a polypro skull cap, a helmet cover, a neoprene face mask, and a fleece neck gaiter.  My head and neck were very warm.  Now, I just need to get warm below the waist.  I tried winter boots this morning, but they just didn’t have enough insulation and my feet were reasonably chilly when I got to the office.  If I could get my lower half to be a bit warmer, I could bike in weather with wind chills well into the lower -20’s.  Of course, the question is then whether or not it is worth the effort to bike or just take the bus. Suffice it to say that I don’t have to worry about my lunch getting warm during my commute to work when it is strapped to my bike rack in below zero temperatures.  Often, my lunch is colder when I get to work than it was when I took it out of the fridge at home.  I tried putting a water bottle in my water bottle carrier one morning, an experiment that I won’t repeat.  By the time I got to work, almost all the water in the bottle had become ice.