Yesterday, I set a new personal record.  The wind chill was -13 and I biked to work.  My previous record low wind chill for bicycle commuting was -2.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t cold beyond reason.  I wore GoreTex pants to block out the wind, a helmet cover, a hat, a neck gaiter, a wind breaker, a fleece vest, arm warmers, and two pairs of mittens (one fleece, and one leather).  That was just enough gear to keep me right on the edge of comfortably warm for the whole ride. A computer science professor has written an interesting analysis of the government’s attempts to use data-mining software to find terrorists hidden in America. We saw The Count of Monte Cristo last night.  The movie was quite compelling, and the scenery was fabulous.  The movie was filmed largely in Malta.  Sarah and I seriously considered a trip to Malta in the recent past, but discarded the idea in favor of travel to other destinations.  After seeing the movie, both Sarah and I admitted that we were re-thinking our re-thinking of a trip to Malta.