Why do I pick on America’s supposed airport security system so much?  Partly because it’s so easy to do so.  Sarah left this morning on a flight to Washington, D.

C.  She was worried that she wouldn’t be allowed to take knitting needles on the flight, so I hung around the airport in case she needed to hand the needles off to me when she got to security.  As it turned out, she was allowed to bring knitting needles on the flight.  However, the Transportation Security Administration screener with whom Sarah spoke told her that if a man tried to bring knitting needles on a flight, he would most likely be forced to leave the needles behind.  Apparently, women with almost-sharp pointy objects are non-threatening.  It’s the men we have to worry about.  Before I fly next, I might have to invest in a cheap pair of knitting needles just to test this ridiculous policy. Capsule movie reviews: - We Were Soldiers:  Mel Gibson; Vietnam; explosions and gunfire.  If any of these three turn your crank, you’ll like this movie.  Otherwise, I found the movie very superficial and lacking in compelling characters and a storyline.  For instance, we know that the main character wrote the book (in real life) on which the movie is based.  Even if one didn’t know that, simply reading the opening credits would reveal as much.  As such, there is absolutely no suspense about whether or not he is going to survive the battle.  Movies that are a simple matter of how, rather than a matter of if are often less than compelling.

  • Monsoon Wedding:  A movie that I initially resisted watching, but ultimately enjoyed.  The characters have some depth, the setting is colorful, and the story line is a nice twist on the "crazy family wedding" plot.