There is a new crime in America:  taking pictures of hotels where the Vice President (and EvilDo-er Extraordinare) is lodging when he visits your town.  An ITprofessional took pictures of the Denver hotel where the VP wasbunking.  He was arrested, held and questioned (without a lawyer) forhours, and then released without his camera.  The Denver Police and the Secret Service will not acknowledgeor deny detaining the man and violating his civil rights.  That’syour USA PATRIOT act at work.  Protecting you and yours from ITprofessionals who dabble in photography.

Is anyone else baffled by the current Lexus advertising campaign ontelevision?  In these ads (maybe there is just one; I haven’t reallystudied them) a helpful spouse manages to sneak a $50,000 automobile of onestripe or another into the driveway (complete with a giant red bow) withoutthe other spouse noticing.  Then, the keys are presented with much pompand circumstance to the non-Lexus-aware spouse.  Non-Lexus-aware spousethen proceeds to express extreme gaiety over the fact that they were justpresented with the keys to an automobile with a monthly payment of $750 forthe next five years.  If I gave Sarah the keys to a new Lexus, she’d befar more likely to have me evaluated for mental diseases than to expresssome form of happiness at the fact that there is a $50,000 automobile in thedriveway with a big red bow that needs insurance, gas, and maintenance. Who, exactly, is Lexus targeting with these ads? So, if you bought a $50,000 car, put $5,000 down, and got 0% financingfor five years, your monthly payment would be $750/month for the next fiveyears.  How do people afford that?  That is more than 150% largerthan my monthly rent payment!  I can’t imagine paying more for a car,every month, than I was paying in rent.