I’m headin’ for Vegas after I get off work today.  My luck ishot right now.  Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail from alocal Pizza Hut informing me that I’d won a free lunch buffet.  Howdid I win such a fabulous prize?  I dropped a business card in thefishbowl near the cash register.  That’s right.  I’m livin’ lifelarge now.  A person with luck like mine belongs at the Vegas crapstables, not drivin’ a desk.

My Schwinn suffered through the final stages of some sort of debilitatingdrivetrain breakdown yesterday.  For the last couple of weeks, the bikechain occasionally seemed to slip off the rear sprocket and, as this wouldremove any resistance to my pedaling action, would cause my legs to spinwildly while propelling the bicycle nowhere.  After some investigation,my new theory is that the sprocket is completely disengaging from the rearwheel and that the fault does not lie in the chain-sprocket interface afterall.  Of course, this all came to a head yesterday as I was riding towork through several inches of freshly fallen (and still falling as I rode)snow.  So, not only hadn’t the roads been plowed, but my form oftransportation was more often than not failing to transport me. Eventually, I got to work, but I was forced to put the bike on the front ofthe bus to get home after work.  So, today, and for the foreseeablefuture, I’ll be on the bus and on foot.  I need to get the bike up onthe rack and arrive at some sort of definitive answer as to the source ofthe problem.  Then, I can fix the bike and get it (and myself) back onthe road. I sent out my first Christmas letters yesterday.  I’m trying to geta jump on the season by getting those particular items off my mental to-dolist.  Sarah and I are sending Christmas letters and photos this year,instead of cards.  So, watch your mailbox.  You may already be awinner!