Airport security:  Frustrating; mostly worthless; hypocritical;passengers are presumed-guilty until proper subservience is shown at whichtime they are allowed to be guilty of less serious offenses, no one is trulyinnocent.

I was standing in the airport security line at the Madisonairport while waiting to board a flight out of town for Thanksgiving. The gentleman in front of me was removing his jacket, shoes, and belt sothat he could walk through the metal detector.  He took the change outof his pocket.  He took the keys out of his pocket.  He took hiswallet out of his pocket.  A little girl, probably four or five yearsold, has to take off her jacket and shoes before she is allowed to gothrough security.  While walking through O’Hare in Chicago, I saw awoman (well past middle age) get wanded to check for metal embedded in herrapidly thinning hair.  Does anyone feel safer because five year-oldgirls are taking their shoes off before boarding the plane?  Werelittle old ladies really keeping pistols in their hair styles before 11 Sep01?  Are overweight men wearing black loafers and belts a real threatto national security?  And then people wonder why I question themotives behind, and the efficacy of, more draconian security policies? You know that TV has taken over your life when a jacuzzi with a built-in television doesn’t sound overthe top.