Well, now that the soul-sucking Republican party is in nearly completecontrol of the US Government, they can get busy making America safe fortheir upper-class, SUV-driving, CEO crony, friends.  First item on theagenda is [making it more difficult for Americans to buygeneric drugs](http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2002/11/11/BIOSCOPE.


The GOP wants to extend the patents of drugcompanies which means that Americans will pay more, for a longer period oftime, for prescription drugs as generics are forbidden from coming to marketby extended patents.  Of course, this makes perfect sense in thetwisted reality in which we live.  In 2000, the Republicans expletive deleteded andmoaned about how the US needed prescription drug reform because Americanswere routinely raked over the financial coals by large drug companies andthe high prices they charged for prescription drugs.  Insurancecompanies were complaining about the cost of providing prescription drugcoverage to those whose health they insured.  Part of a logicalsolution to this crisis would be to lower the price that people andinsurance companies pay for prescription drugs by increasing the number ofgeneric drugs on the market.  Generic drugs are cheaper thanname-brand, highly-profitable prescription drugs.  Since it wouldalmost make sense and might prevent drug-company executives from buyingcondos for their mistresses in Vail this year, Republicans decided thatproviding more, cheap prescription drugs wasn’t the answer to theprescription drug problem in America.  Rather, the solution was toprotect the profits of large drug companies by first extending patentsgranted to drug companies and then using tax dollars to pay for this drugcompany profit-insurance plan. Who, exactly, is voting Republican?  I know exactly fiveRepublicans.  One of them even cast a Democratic ballot or two in thelast election.  Those GOP members are scattered through no less thanfive states, so they aren’t exactly voting as a bloc.  I can understandwhy some people would vote Republican.  That is, when Republican valuesare examined in a vacuum, I understand why some people find themappealing.  However, the GOP most certainly does not exist in avacuum and the core ideals of the Republican party were lost longago.  Why can’t I find anyone who will own up to voting for the hideouscrony-capitalism, war-mongering, reactionary, right-wing, imperialistic,power-hungry government with which we are currently saddled?  Where arethe millions of these people hiding?  Trailer parks?  Healthclubs?  The Florida Keys?  Houston, TX?  Santa Barbara,CA?  Behind the really big jar of peanut butter in my kitchencabinet?

The postal service called:  [they want their boxes back](http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2002/11/06/POSTAL.


It’s embarrassing to report that even the Detroit Lions have abetter record than the Vikings at this point.  The only team with aworse record is the Bungles.  Even the expansion Texans have managed tomatch the Vikings embarrassingly low win total.

We the movie Comedian over the weekend.  It isn’t exactly thefunniest movie made, nor is it even close.  However, it is aninteresting behind the scenes look at the life of a big-name stand-upcomic.  Sarah and I decided that we would really like to see thefollowing comics sometime:

  • Robin Williams
  • Bill Cosby
  • Jerry Seinfeld

We both agreed that these comics are probably better in person than theyare on television or in movies.  Having heard some of Bill Cosby’srecordings I can safely say that he is just as funny today as when many ofthose recordings were made twenty and thirty years ago.