Last night I went to a “local” bookstore (Borders) to see theauthor of American Ground, William Langewiesche, talkabout his book and the experiences that he wrote about.  Langewieshe isprobably a really fun guy to be friends with as he has no time forpretension, pretentious people, ulterior motives, unnecessary politics andthe like.

More from our “Yes, Banks Really Don’t Do Much” file:> From:  David BogenTo:  Wells Fargo Online

On 18 Sep 02, I requested a PIN to access information about my Wells Fargostudent loans. According to an e-mail that I received from Wells Fargo on18 Sep 02:

“If you have not already received your password, it should arrive in themail soon.”

It has been 34 working days since 18 Sep 02, and I have not yet received myPIN number. In fact, I’m beginning to doubt whether or not such a PINnumber was ever generated and sent.

Can you tell me the approximate number of months that it takes amulti-billion dollar organization like Wells Fargo to send a letter toWisconsin? Will I receive my PIN number before my loans are paid off(inapproximately five years?) </tt>