Oops.  Turns out that the perl script I wrote yesterday to automateputting photos online produced HTML that caused certain browsers (InternetExplorer) to not display photos.  Anyway, the problem has beenfixed.  If you tried to view the photos yesterday or the day before and they didn’t workfor you, try them again.

Exactly two trick-or-treaters came to our house last night. In Alameda, a seemingly endless wave of trick-or-treaters came to ourdoor.  As such, I had nine bags of candy on hand for Halloweenthis year.  I guess we’ll just have plenty of candy to tide us overuntil Easter. Wednesday night, Sarah and I went to a local bar to see the St. Louisroots rock band, The Bottle Rockets.  We have a couple of the band’salbums and we’d never gotten to see them play live before.  The $10cover charge seemed reasonable, so it was an easy decision to go. Since the band tours all over and has put out several CD’s, I expected tosee quite a crowd on hand.  Instead, just over fifty people were thereto hear the band play (in a venue that could hold three times thatmany).  Well, it wasn’t crowded and the folks that weren’t there misseda good show.

If you missed it, William H. Webster was appointed to lead the new SECboard charged with overseeing the corporate accounting industry. Oops.  It turns out that not only does Mr. Webster know jacksh*t aboutaccounting (so he isn’t part of the solution), Mr. Webster is part of theproblem.  See, Webster was the head of the auditing committee for acompany named U.

S. Technologies.  U.

S. Technologies is now insolventand being sued by investors who claim the company defrauded them. Seems that the external auditors hired by the company thought there wereseveral irregularities in the company’s books.  So, the auditcommittee, under Webster’s leadership, fired the external auditors. Webster told this sordid tale to Bush/Cheney’s flunky at the SEC, HarveyPitt, the day before the election to make Webster the new board’schairman.  Pitt, like all good Bush/Cheney flunkies, sat on theinformation and didn’t disclose this little mishap of Webster’s to the othermembers of the committee until after Webster had been elected.. So, the committee elects Webster, someone with very recent experiencein corporate accounting fraud (having been intimately involved in creatingfraud), to overseea committee designed to eliminate corporate accounting fraud.  Wouldeveryone who still believes that the Bush/Cheney administration is actuallyacting in anyone’s best interest other than those of big business, please stand up? Hmm…that’s a mighty sparse crowd.  What was the official response ofthe White House to these revelations:

[“Chairman Pitt has done agood job in cracking down on corporate wrongdoing and the SEC has a verystrong record under his leadership,” said Bush spokeswoman Claire Buchan.”We support him.”](http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/news/archive/2002/10/31/national1004EST0526.