Recently, I’ve been mixing chicory into my coffee.  The chicory I’ve been usingis sold in the grocery store in a quantity designed to be mixed with onepound of coffee.  This is all well and good except for the fact thatone cannot buy one pound of coffee anymore.

All coffee sold in storesthese days is sold in useless quantities like 11.5, 13, 26, 36, and 39 ouncesizes.  So, if one buys a 13oz. can of coffee, one has to then add81.25% of the package of chicory to achieve the desired ratio of coffee tochicory.  If one buys the 26oz. can of coffee, one has to add 61.53% of thecoffee to the chicory.  Of course, one option would be to use the”bag and grind your own” coffees that are sold in the grocerystores.  If one used this coffee, one could fill the bag until onepound of coffee had been dispensed and then one could use the store’s coffeegrinder to quickly grind the pound of coffee.  This sounds like a saneand sensible solution, right?  Not necessarily.  See, most grocerystores don’t place a scale anywhere near the coffee aisle.  As such,one must fill a bag with coffee, wander back to the produce section, weigh the coffee,go back to the coffee aisle, add some more coffee, go back to the producesection and weigh the coffee, ad. nauseum.  How did our great nationarrive at this sad state of affairs?  The current conspiracytheory says that coffee manufacturers have reduced the size of the cans theyuse while keeping prices the same during the last few years.  All ofthis, of course, while wholesale coffee prices have plungeddramatically.  So, big corporations pay less than ever for the coffeethey buy, which they then put in smaller cans (or they put less coffee inthe same size cans), which in turn are sold to us at prices that areessentially unchanged.  Whee! Ira has determined that he really likes the month ofOctober.  Pumpkin is rapidly becoming one of his favorite foods. Not only is pumpkin full of fiber, but it is, apparently, full of tortoise-ygood taste.  Sarah and I often joke about how funny it would be to cuta large pumpkin in half, remove all the seeds, deposit the tortoise into theseed cavity, and then come back in a few hours.  That would probably bethe highlight of Ira’s life:  surrounded by squash.

Well, I’m still unemployed, so next Tuesday, I’m going to be raking inthe big bucks working as an elections inspector for the city ofMadison.  I’ll show up at 06:15 CST, work until 13:30 CST, and make outwith the princely sum of under forty dollars.  Of course, it should not bereal difficult work, so I can’t expect the pay to be six figures.  If Ican just keep my assigned polling place from going Dade and Broward Counties,I should be all set.

How about those Vikings?  They won their second game of the seasonto run their record to 2-5!  If the team could just schedule a few(read: 9) games against the Bears and Lions this year, the Vikes might justsqueak into the playoffs.  Of course, maybe a game or two against theCincinnati Bungles wouldn’t hurt much, either.

It’s good to see that the Bush administration isn’t concentratingcompletely on dragging the country into an unnecessary war with Iraq. Putting the wrong person for the job in any given job is still a prioritywith our current corrupt administration.  For instance, the new boardto regulate the accounting profession, created by Congressional mandate,will be headed by a gentleman who has absolutely no experience with eitheraccounting or the accounting profession.  I’m sure that William H.

Webster is a fine upstanding citizen, but what does he know about corporateaccounting?  The guy used to head up the FBI and the CIA.  Neitherof those particular agencies really is big in accounting circles.  Forall that Webster knows about accounting, the Bush/Cheney camarilla couldhave tabbed me for the position.  I know just as much about corporateaccounting as Webster, am currently unemployed, and would save you, thetaxpayer, a heck of a lot of money because I’d be significantly cheaper tohire.