The current administration doesn’t just lie, it also distorts andexaggerates.

“This administration is capable of any lie … in order toadvance its war goal in Iraq,” says a US government source in Washingtonwith some two decades of experience in intelligence, who would not befurther identified. “It is one of the reasons it doesn’t want to have UNweapons inspectors go back in, because they might actually show that theprobability of Iraq having [threatening illicit weapons] is much lower thanthey want us to believe.”Sarah and I took in the UWisconsin/Ohio State football game onSaturday.  That was quite an event.  It was the first NCAADivision I football game that either of us had ever attended.  Quite adifferent experience from an NFL game.  There was little advertising ondisplay in the stadium and far fewer television timeouts (though there werestill a few because ABC was airing the game).  The UW band playedduring half-time and after the game (during the “FifthQuarter”).  Unfortunately, the band chose that game to make aspecial tribute to Neil Diamond (of all people!), which meant listening tothe PA announcer prattle on about Neil Diamond while the band assaulted ourears with Neil Diamond tunes.  Ugh.  Not the highlight of the day,certainly. Saturday night we completed our UW sports doubleheader when we watchedUW’s mens hockey team play U-Alabama Huntsville.  By all rights, thisshould have been a blowout, but UAH kept the game close.  Hockey gamesare actually quite fun to watch because the student section is veryanimated and not shy in the least.  Opposing goalies are subject tounrelenting chants, jeers, and general verbal harassment.  There arespecial chants to be used during powerplays, during penalty kills, after goals,after penalties expire, and various other occasions.  The arena is muchmore intimate than a 70,000+ seat stadium, so we get a better view of theaction.