Words from a friend in the context of a discussion on the government’smost recent legal actions:> “Terrorists arecriminals.  They commit criminal acts - they don’t line up in armyformations and fight wars, so they are a law enforcement problem.  Treatthem as such.  I would rather beat/defeat them using our…somewhatover-forgiving justice system than adopt an autocratic George W. says’he’s bad’ so he’s bad system.” Behind Rick “Chicks Dig the Long Ball” Reed, the Angels beatthe Twins last night.  Jacque “Mr. Not October”Jones, in particular, has been an out wearing a uniform in thisseries.  It might be time for Gardenhire to contemplate replacing hisleft-fielder and lead-off man with someone who doesn’t look like he’s neverseen major league pitching before.  Also, it would go a long waytowards helping the Twins get to the World Series if Rick Reed was traded orreleased before the next game of the ALCS.