The Bush/Cheneyadministration is moving to classify an unborn fetus as a person so thatpoor women can receive prenatal services.  Of course, the real drivingforce behind this move is a desire to further the anti-abortionagenda.  A great response to this move:> [“If the objective is for poor women to get prenatalcare, then you don’t need to reclassify the status of the fetus but ratherreclassify the status of the woman as worthy of health coverage,” says Dr.

David Grimes, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University ofNorth Carolina.]()Let that stand as a lesson to everyone who says that the Bushadministration has forgotten about everything but the urge to wage pointlesswar on Iraq.  Bush hasn’t forgotten the religious right’s war on women andtheir bodies. Proposed motto for the Bureaucratic Workers Labor Union: ”Paper don’t push itself!”

From the “Beat Goes On Department:”  The governmenttoday won a case before a Federal Appeals court that allows the governmentto close any deportation hearing by simply classifying the subject of thehearing as “of special interest.”  Yes, all of the judges onthe Appeals court panel were Republican (Reagan) appointees.  John”Lost an Election to a Dead Guy” Ashcroft will be sending those three good ol’ boysa nice Christmas gift this year, I’m sure.

We got back from an invigorating trip to San Francisco late last night. The weather was fabulous.  We flew out to attend the wedding offriends in Sonoma.  The wedding itself was short and to the point whilethe setting was bedecked with flowers.  Good company and good foodcontributed to the genial atmosphere.  There was plenty of funk on thedance floor afterwards, too.  Sarah and I both enjoyed the extensive amount of salsa andmerengue music on the radio as we drove up to Sonoma and back.

Sunday, I attended the OaklandA’s/Minnesota Twins playoff game in which Minnesota won 5-4.  Oaklandfans started leaving after the bottom of the eighth inning in whichMinnesota held a 2-1 lead.  After Minnesota scored three runs in thetop of the ninth, even more fans left.  Those people must have beenkicking themselves because the bottom of the ninth was exciting (if you werean A’s fan) and nail-biting (if you were a Minnesota fan).

We stayedat theClaremont on Sunday night.  That was something of a letdown. Normally, the rooms at the Claremont start at $270/night, and can be as muchas $950/night.  Suffice it to say that we good a really good deal onour room or we wouldn’t have stayed there.  Our first room was dark,small, and had a thin door that separated our room from a set of noisyneighbors.  So, we got a different room.  The second room wassunny and large, but hadn’t been cleaned very well after the last occupantsof the room departed.  Used soap was still in the bathroom, usedbathrobes were piled on the bed, paper with notes on it was sitting on thebedstand, etc.  So, I asked them to clean the room while we went to oneof our favorite restaurants.  Management instead volunteered tohave the bell staff move our luggage up to another room (“a significantupgrade”) while we were out.  As long as we didn’t have to schleppour bags any more, that was fine with us.  The next room was on the topfloor of a little tower-like outcropping and had a nice Bay view.  Wehad sky-lights in the bathroom and in the bedroom.  However, this roomwasn’t the nicest room either.  One of the wooden blinds covering theskylight had been fixed (badly) with scotch tape.  There was also afair amount of black mold in the bathroom where the ceiling met thewalls.  Having stayed at really nice places like the BostonHarbor Hotel and the PanPacific, both Sarah and I found the Claremont to be a less than stellarvalue.