HTML is a crazy, crazy language.  For some element classes, nearlyall aspects of that element can be described via cascading stylesheets.  But for other elements, only specific qualities can bedescribed via CSS and then other types must be described on a per-usagebasis. How about those Vikings?  Who would have predicted before the seasonbegan that the less-than-mighty Vikings would have the same record as themighty St. Louis Rams.  Of course, they both have a record of 0-4,which perhaps takes a bit of luster off that particular thought.

Somewhere along the line, someone with whom I did business put one of mye-mail addresses on a list of e-mail addresses that was sold to aspammer.  Since then, that address has been sold and resold severaltimes.  Yesterday, that particular address received exactly 50 e-mails,of which, 44 were spam.  Fortunately, I’m using a piece ofsoftware thateliminated all but three of those spams, so my inbox for that account wasstill usable.  Easy, automated spam blocking:  yet another reasonto switch to Unix.