As if we needed more evidence that recent “security” procedureshave more to do with tracking and controlling Americans than terrorists, theSan Francisco Chronicle is reporting how a [new no-fly list contains, coincidentally enough,the names of anti-war activists](

DTL)!  Peace activists from severalstates, including Maine, California, and Wisconsin were detained beforeboarding flights (and often barred from boarding flights) until they weresubjected to thorough searches and questioning.  This not only occursat the passengers’ origins, but also at any stopovers.  Why were thesepeople stopped?> “Federal law enforcement officials denytargeting dissidents. They suggested that the activists were stopped notbecause their names are on the list, but because their names resemble thoseof suspected criminals or terrorists”. The activistsmentioned in the article all have names like these: Gordon, Oden, Lawinger,and Adams.  Oh, so these people weren’t targeted, they just happen tohave unfortunate last names?  They have such uncommon last names,too.  Especially the folks named Adams and Gordon.  God forbid thenames “Johnson” or “Williams” ever end up on thelist.  If the government isn’t lying about why these people weretargeted (which they are), “security” forces would be forced tostop people on every flight because their name was “similar” to aname on the no-fly list.  In Wisconsin, a group of twenty peaceactivists (including nuns and the elderly) was detained because a singlemember of the group had a name that was “similar” to a name on theno-fly list.  Police decided to detain and question the whole group,including the elderly and the nuns, rather than just stopping theunfortunately named individual.  This is the same sort of governingtactic used by totalitarian regimes:  if one member of a group orfamily is guilty of something, including disagreement with the government,then all members of a group or family are guilty of the same offense, nomatter how tenuous the ties between them.  Of course, governmentagencies also deny maintaining a no-fly list, which prevents people fromworking to get their names taken off this list.  Isn’t freedom underthe Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft regime wonderful?  Oops.  Better watchwhat I write.  I wouldn’t want to be accused of harboring un-Americanthoughts by our peace-loving, patriot President and Attorney General.

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