Heard on the radio in a voice usually reserved for announcing monster truck rallies:> Akron’s Tuba Christmas!I just about fell out of my chair I started laughing so hard when I heard that.

Today, I spent some time revising my weather-report.html script to bring it into the present.

Great speech yesterday by Senator Daniel Inouye on the Senate floor.  An excerpt:> “To attack a nation that has not attacked us will go down in history as something that we should no be proud of.  It is American to question the president.  It is American to debate the issues.”Inouye, who lost his right arm in WWII combat, was responding to the President’s words that the Senate was “not interested in the security of the American people.”  Apparently, Bush/Cheney believes that he can tell the Congress what to do and then expect them to hop-to without discussion or delay.  Of course, that’s the same relationship that many tin-pot dictators and their for-show Congresses have, too.