From the “Your Tax Dollars At Work” file:  Ashcroft’s Justice Department wants to [fingerprint Master Gardeners?](

DTL)  Are weworried that terrorist Master Gardeners are going to unleash a fearsome waveof animate cacti? Next time you hear Dick Cheney talk about what a terrible risk tonational security SaddamHussein is, and how the U.

S. should be completely focused upon topplingHussein, think about this:

  1. After the Gulf War, Cheney told oil industry executives that he wasemphatically against toppling Saddam Hussein.
  2. Halliburton, under Cheney’s leadership, was primarily responsible forrebuilding Iraq’s oil fields.

Perhaps no one was supposed to remember those details.  Apparently,the foreign news media (with less ties to the existing ways of doingbusiness here in America) has not forgotten those facts and has beenrunning stories about them.  It’s too bad that none of the domesticnewspapers are running those stories, as well.