Well, as much as I dump on Bush for trashing the environment, being ahypocrite, coddling large corporations, wrecking the budget, trying to dragthe US into a needless “war” with Iraq, I’m almost happy that he’sa lazy man.  If you read the article in Washington Post recently that laidout where Bush has been spending his time, you already know thefollowing:- Bush has spent 250 of his days as President at any one of his three”leisure” destinations:  Camp David, Kennebunkport, and hisTexas Ranch.  That total of 250 days is 42% of Bush’s term in office sofar!

  • Bush has participated in more rounds of golf (15) than solo news conferences (6).

There are numerous statistics in the article that show where and how thePresident spends his (really, our) time.  So, that begs the question:  Would webetter off if Bush worked more diligently and didn’t delegate so much tohis subordinates or would we much worse off because Bush is very muchbehind these politics of environmental destruction, Gestapo-formation,corporate wrongdoing, war mongering, and fear?

If you missed it, the Bush administration recently claimed that it wasAmerican freedoms that were under attack when terrorists blew up the WorldTrade Center towers.  That is, by blowing up the towers, terroristswere striking at American freedoms of speech, religion, the press, andsuch.  Uh, the biggest threat to those freedoms of late has been theAmerican government.  Terrorists were striking at American globalhegemony and foreign policy, not the Constitution.  However, while theterrorists failed, the Bush administration has been happy to strivetowards the same goals.  Did you know that when you apply forhome-owners or life insurance now that the insurance companies are requiredto run your name through the USA Patriot database and report you to the FBIif anything “suspicious” comes up?  Big Brother wants to knowwho is insuring their house.  Apparently, terrorists are big into lifeinsurance.  Uh, huh.  This stops terrorism how?  Oh, anddon’t forget that the Bush White House wants Congress to form and fund thenew Homeland Security Department in a hurry.  Then, the Bushadministration wants Congress to remove itself from jurisdiction over thenewly formed department so that Homeland Security is only answerableto the executive branch (just like the KGB, the Gestapo, the NKVD, and allother secret police organizations throughout time).  Oh, and rememberthat the FBI, Customs, the Coast Guard, the Secret Service, the US Marshals,and all other federal law enforcement agencies will all ultimately answer tothis newly formed agency that Bushies want placed outside of normal checksand balances.  The Bush administration, using the military, is alreadyholding American citizens (and otherwise) indefinitely, without chargingthem with crimes, refusing to release the names of those held, refusing tolist where people are being held, and refusing lawyers to those who areheld.  Just like Stalin’s secret police did.  One member of ourhousehold maintains that Bush plans on keeping the Invasion of Iraq issue onslow boil until just before the next election, when the issue will be turnedup in the hope that a war will help get the current administrationre-elected.  Scary, but probably true.

Oops, I forgot that the Bush administration has also proclaimed itUn-American to criticize the government’s methods and goals.  Stalinused to claim that Soviet citizens who criticized the government’s methodsand goals were counter-revolutionary or that those who did not do their partto further the government-drafted Five Year Plan were wreckers. Wreckers and counter-revolutionaries were often never heard from again oncethe Soviet Homeland Security department (the KGB) moved in to”question” those who spoke up.  Those who do not learn fromhistory are doomed to repeat it.