We took in our first UW-Madison sporting event today:  women’svolleyball.  We saw UW play Texas A&M at the Fieldhouse.  Thegame was certainly fast-paced and was the best game of volleyball that I’veever seen live.  We also got a small initiation into the manytraditions that persist at UW sporting events.  Most of thesetraditions seem to revolve around songs, so we’re doing our best to pick upthe songs and the traditions as we go along.  The game itself wasreally interesting, but the Fieldhouse was a bit on the swelteringside.  We had to sit up near the top of the first tier of seats and itwas plenty warm up there.  I can’t imagine how warm the uppertier of seats would have been.  Regardless, we enjoyed the game andwill probably try to attend another match or five before the seasonends. We also bought tickets to the UW/Ohio State football game today. That should be a truly interesting game.  Supposedly, footballgames are just one big song, dance, and tailgating fest wrapped around afootball game.

You must, at all costs, avoid watching the movie TheSweetest Thing.  This movie is a horrible, awful, time-wasting,money sucking, tasteless, humorless, plotless waste of good celluloid.