If you have United Air Lines frequent flier miles, I suggest that you usethem in the near future.  UAL appointed a former director of Dynegy,Glenn Tilton, torun UAL yesterday.  How does this affect you?1. This Tilton character has helped run two energy companies (Dynegy andChevronTexaco).  What does he know about running an airline?  IfUAL really wanted to succeed, they should have gotten someone to come overfrom Southwest, the airline that is helping United to run itself into theground.

  1. Dynegy, the last company at which this Tilton guy worked is also on theedge of bankruptcy.  While this guy wasn’t “The Guy” atDynegy, he was one of “The Guys” and it seems reasonable to loadsome of the blame for Dynegy’s bad financial decisions on him.

We made salsa again today.  Wow.  Homemade salsa isreally good.  I don’t know why we waited so long to try it.