So, we’re here in Madison, WI.  Well, the short version, if there is a short version, is that we drove here from Alameda, CA.  Why are we here?  Because Sarah is going to be attending graduate school at the University of Wisconsin this fall.  What will I be doing here while she is attending school?  Most likely, working.  What kind of work?  Who knows?  Certainly the computer and networking field has certain attractions.  However, the thought of changing careers has also occurred to me of late.  What was your trip cross-country like?  Ahh, that’s a long-drawn out question better answered in little dollops.  I’ll post those dollops on another page as I get them written.  What made moving into your new home such a complete and total pain?  Mostly, the moving company, but also the usual suspects, including the telephone company, the grocery stores, and the like.

We’ve been doing our best to fit into the WI scene.  We’ve been to two different festivals in Milwaukee so far:  the WI State Fair and Irish Fest.  The State Fair was unbelievably crowded and hot.  We had a good time, though.  We saw pig races, a gi-hugic boar (a hair over 1100 pounds), plenty of other livestock, and all the home gimmicks that modern society has to offer.  We learned about which cows are the best for milk, and which are best for cheese.  This all has to do with the amount of milkfats in the breed’s milk, by the way.  At Irish Fest, we listened to Irish music, saw Irish dancing, ate Irish (and non-Irish) foods, drank non-Irish beer, and saw Irish drama.

Today, we attended a garage sale at a senior center and picked up two kitchen items.  One was a pan to soak brats in beer while the brats are on the grill.  Since we seem to be in a state where the brat is the state processed meat product of choice, we decided to start grilling our brats the right way.  We also got the majority of a product, seen on TV apparently, called the Express Gourmet.  We had seen this product demonstrated in the Gimmick Festival (or whatever they call it) at the State Fair, but didn’t want to pay $20-30 dollars for it.  However, $3.00 was an acceptable price.  We stopped at a farmer’s market on the way home to buy tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and hot peppers (we already had garlic), and promptly created some great salsa when we got home.  This afternoon, we’ve been taking care of some minor irritations around the house and our lives (insurance, clogged drains and the like).  Tonight, we might take in a free jazz concert over by the state capital building.

Ira got a new house when we moved to WI.  Previously, he lived in a terrarium that we kept on a coffee table in our dining room.  Now, he lives in a 50-gallon Rubbermaid container.  This gives little Ira significantly more living space.  He seems much happier in this environment, too.  He eats more, tries to escape more (is livelier), and generally doesn’t spend as much time moping around.  He hasn’t lost his urge to escape into the Wild Unknown, however.  When we take him outside for Supervised Playtime, he generally grazes on the weeds in the lawn for a while before starting a series of strolls towards the lot boundaries.  Everytime we take him away from the lot boundaries and place him in the middle of the backyard he gives us a grumpy look.  Too bad for him, I guess.