Seen on a T-shirt with a drawing of Einstein dressed in a police officer’s uniform: > 186,000 m/s isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law. Took a bus through Oakland the other day.  At one point, the bus passed a function hall named "Bjornson Hall."  There wasn’t a Scandinavian in sight other than myself.  Every single person outside the hall was Asian.  That was a reminder that people who live in neighborhoods change over time while the buildings in a neighborhood are oftentimes stuck in a time warp. I’d challenge anyone to try writing on a Palm Pilot while traveling through Oakland on an AC Transit bus.  The combination of Oakland’s intensive "Pothole Installation and Husbandry Program," the often jerky travel of an AC Transit local bus, and the unusual writing style demanded by the Palm Pilot lead to many, many interesting English language constructions. It is really nice here today.  I was fortunate enough to have the day off.  I took the day off so that I could go to the dentist, the eye doctor, and run some other errands.  That turned out to be a reallygood idea as my errands were over this morning and I’ve had all afternoon to enjoy the day.