Yesterday, Ira went on an unannounced trip.  Sarah and I went for a bike ride to Portfest in Oakland.  We came home and had lunch.  After lunch, I went out to retrieve Ira from the "coop" that I’d built for him a month or so ago.  The coop was made of chicken wire and wood.  The chicken wire was set 8-10 inches into the ground, supported on all corners by posts set several feet in the ground, and topped with more chicken wire which was supported by wooden supports.  Somehow, someway, Ira got out of the coop.  With the help of one of our neighbors, we spent several hours on Saturday looking for the little guy.  Finally, Sarah made a poster which we copied, distributed to all of our close neighbors, and posted on trees and utility poles around the neighborhood.  Today, about 4 PM, one of the people who lives on our street (who we’d never met), called to say that they had found Ira in their backyard.  Somehow, he managed to escape from a chicken wire coop (we still don’t know how he did that), cross a street, get under one fence, over another, and then burrow into the neighbors garden.  The woman who lived at this house had gone outside to check on her garden today and found Ira.  She went indoors to tell her husband that she found a turtle.  He remembered seeing a poster about a lost tortoise, so he went outside, pulled the poster off the utility pole and called us.  When we got over there, they had Ira in a little cooler with screen over the top to keep him from running away.  Sarah and I were both relieved to have Ira back as we had no idea if he had been stolen or if he’d escaped.  Suffice it to say that Ira won’t be getting any more unsupervised playtime until I can build him a much more secure outdoors enclosure in Madison.  Fortunately, I’ve already got a reasonable design in mind. Let’s see, what else did we do this weekend.  We went to Portfest, I mentioned that already.  We saw the movies Novocaine (good) and Ocean’s Eleven (also good).  Other than that we cooked a few meals, cleaned the house, and generally did a few other errands.