Does anyone out there need yet another reason that the U.

S. needs to practice better resource management in many ways than we currently do?  Maybe China can provide us with an example and some inspiration. From a Boston Globe story published on 05 May 02: > From 1994 to 1999, desertified land grew by 20,280 square miles. Desert blankets more than a quarter of China’s territory. Sands threaten herders and farmers in a nation with one-fifth of the world’s population but only one-15th of its arable land. West Virginia has an area of just over 24,000 square miles.  So, in a period of five years, China has lost an area of land just a bit smaller than West Virginia to the desert.  Desertification is primarily occurring there because "overgrazing, overpopulation, drought, and poor land management."  Almost any one of those resource management problems is occurring somewhere in the US at any given time.  It is just a matter of time until bad resource management decisions catch up to us.