Yesterday we attended the Cinco de Mayo festival in Oakland’s Fruitvale district.  It is important to separate this festival from the parade that precedes it.  While the parade was probably fun and colorful, the "festival" is not.  The festival basically consists of thousands of people wandering back and forth along International Boulevard in Oakland looking for something to do.  There were a few things for children to do, and a couple things for grown-ups, but everything else was a corporate booth or a food stand.  About the only interesting booth was one asking festival goers to buy t-shirts to support the Zapatista Revolution in Chiapas, Mexico.  Every other booth was sponsored by all the same old faces:  Port of Oakland; Sprint PCS; Verizon Wireless; PacBell; The Oakland Tribune; Western Union; etc., etc., etc.  We were there for about two hours before we got tired of the crowds, heat, and general lack of things to do and see before we came home.