Ira definitely has spring fever.  When he gets up in the morning he spends the better part of an hour trying every inch of the glass in the terrarium trying to find a way to get out.  He’ll climb up on his salad rock, brace himself on the corner of the terrarium and try to climb out.  The only thing that can calm him down during this hour is bringing him outside.  We think he’s looking for a female tortoise and that the urge to find one is particularly strong at the moment. Last night Sarah and I attended a potluck dinner for the Alameda Adult Literacy Program.  The potluck is held each spring to get tutors and students together for good food and good company.  There are many different ethnicities and cultures represented in the program by both students and tutors.  As such, there was a very wide variety of dishes at this potluck and the vast majority of dishes were really good. I am so ready to move somewhere that has seasons.  It seems that every day here is the same:  fog in the morning; sunny by midday; fog again by about seven or eight PM.  The newspapers are constantly challenged to find new ways to say the same thing four times in the four-day weather forecast. Classic album from the depths of my collection that recently resurfaced:  "Recipe for Hate" by Bad Religion.  There are some great tunes on this album with the classic song "American Jesus" clearly leading the pack.