This morning I went in to see the eye doctor.  Going to see the eyedoctor is great when they don’t dilate your eyes.  The eyedoctor/fascist/sadist who treated me when I was a child dilated my eyesevery single time.  Why on Earth was that necessary?  I’venow been to see several different eye doctors since leaving South Dakota andnot one of those doctors has felt the need to dilate my eyes.  My”Conspiracy to Make Children Hate Going to the Doctor”theory is fed yet another piece of evidence.

Josh Ashcroft has to be the biggest orgy-loving, bestiality-practicing,elderly-killing, drug-using, pornography-loving, closetbisexual in American history.  There is just no way that anyone couldact the way he does without hiding several hundred self-proclaimed”sins.”  Ashcroft is against everything except readingthe bible.  Nobody is that pure.  Look at what happened whenCongress tried to impeach Clinton.  All the Senators andRepresentatives in Congress at the time ran around proclaiming that Clintonwas perverted and depraved.  Oops.  Weren’t those same Senators and Representatives sleeping with theirinterns and mistresses the whole time?  (For a small subsection ofthe species, see: Gary Condit; Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich; Newt’sreplacement speaker, Robert Livingstone; House Judiciary Committee Chairmanat the time, Henry Hyde)  Now who is the biggest public opponent ofanything even remotely sexual?  John Ashcroft!  Who had a nudestatue in the Dept. of Justice lobby covered to hide its nudity (shades ofthe Catholic church painting fig leafs over the nudes on the SistineChapel)?  Ashcroft!  Who is against Oregon’s law (which wascreated by referendum and subsequently defended by another public vote)against physician-assisted suicide?  Ashcroft!  Who brought suitagainst Oregon to defeat it’s law (this suit was against the wishesof nearly everyone in Oregon)?  Ashcroft!  Who was publicly rebuked by a federal judge for hislawsuit against Oregon?  Ashcroft!  Who lost an election to a deadman?  Ashcroft!  Is there anything to like about Ashcroft? Not particularly, no. We made our travel plans for June trips to Madison, WI, Cleveland, OH,and Olean, NY last night.  All we have to do is work out some groundtransport issues, and we’re done.  We tackled plane and train travel sothe ground transport issues are just details at this point.