Yesterday I read that an Bush/Cheney Energy Department study predictedthat by 2020, the US would be importing 62 percent of its oil fromoverseas.  If the US were to drill in ANWR, this number would shrinkto…(wait for it) 60%!  Yeah, we definitely irrevocably despoil one ofAmerica’s last wild places to shrink our oil consumption by twopercent.  Especially since Congress (with the blessings of theAdministration and the lobbying of the greedy auto industry) refused tomandate that automobiles, SUVs, and light trucks get more fuel efficient inthe next ten years.  That was certainly a forward looking piece oflegislation… Wow, current San Francisco temperature: 55 degrees.  CurrentMadison, WI temperature: 84 degrees.  It wasn’t more than a month agothat we were in Madison and it was snowing.

We’ve pretty much given up hope that the potatoes we planted in ourgarden are going to come up this year.  It’s been a while now and whilethe beets and carrots are going strong, we haven’t seen a thing from thepotatoes.