We got a pair of new computer desks last week.  The desks that we’dbeen using were the pre-fab, assemble yourself, pressboard types and werenone to attractive.  Saturday morning we removed all the cruft from theold desks, hauled them outside, and cleaned where the desks used tosit.  Then we hauled the new desks inside, placed the cruft on the newdesks, and tried to figure out where and how to get rid of the olddesks.  If we didn’t live in a reasonably dense urban neighborhood Iwould have advocated burning the desks in a symbolic pyre.  If we livedin a college town, we could have gotten rid of them by simply putting themout front with a “Free” sign on them.  But, we loaded thedesks into Sarah’s car and drove off to Goodwill.  Even though wecalled Goodwill before leaving the house to confirm that they would take thedesks, we were informed that furniture donations ended one-half hour beforewe got there.  So, we drove off to the Salvation Army in Oakland. They don’t take desks.  Then, it was off to the Davis Street TransferStation in San Leandro.  While we were on our way there, I called themand found out that they were closed.  So, it was back home with just asmuch furniture as we left with.  Sunday was the same game.  Everyplace we tried on Sunday was either closed or they didn’t donations offurniture.  I never knew it would be so difficult to give thingsaway.  It isn’t like these desks are stained, smelly, ugly sofascoated in ticks, fleas, and cooties.  These are clean, wooden objectsin reasonably good shape.  Sarah was going to try and donate the desksto a couple of places in Richmond today.  Hopefully, she succeedsbecause we’re tired of having these desks take up the entire backseat andcargo area of her car. It was a beautiful weekend in the Bay Area.  Both Saturday andSunday were warm and sunny.  Sunday got really windy (steady 30mph) inthe late afternoon but if one was sheltered from the wind it was verypleasant to be outdoors.